Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman: Beyond Black and White

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We have captured some emotional moments before on video but last nights will over ride anything we have ever shot.   You will see another side of Kevin and Sean as they discuss in great detail what happened when Sean tried to take his own life in Mexico.  Both men break down and you can feel the bond between them as Kevin and Sean go into great detail of what happened on that horrific weekend.  The tears are flowing in the room even by Ryan Shamrock who made a very special appearance on the shoot.  Kevin and Sean both broke down as they recounted in great detail on how Kevin saved Seans life.  This story in itself makes the entire DVD on its own but there was so much other information that is going to really wake up the wrestling world when it comes to drugs and all of the recent deaths as we really talked harsh about the recent events of people passing away.  Kevin and Sean speak out for the first time ever and give their most humble and honest opinions on all of these matters especially when it comes to blaming anyone in the business for these passings.

Both men share some of the most inside stories when it comes to doing drugs in the business.  You will hear from Kevin how at times he is even surprised that they are even alive themselves.  They take you inside the antics of the clique and how they used to party.  We discuss Scott Hall as well and how he is doing these days. You will never get a chance to ever hear these stories anywhere else.

We talked all about the current events in the wrestling business today especially what really went down when he posted his latest rant against TNA on his twitter account.  Kevin and Sean talk all about the backstage politics of TNA.  What do they think needs to be done to get the company on the right track?  What do they think of the Hulkster and Bischoff connection in TNA. His most recent comments on RVD and Jeff Hardy.  Do they like working for Dixie Carter?  Who in TNA has the it factor?  They were just a few of the topics that we talked about when it came to TNA.  

What happened backstage with the Rock and Kevin Nash when Kevin returned to the WWE.  Kevin gave his brutal comments on ECW and what he thinks of Paul Heyman.  What do both men think of Bret Hart being back in the WWE and what did they think about his angle with HBK.  What do they think about the NXT angle and the current headliners in the WWE?  Was Vince working all the boys after Bret Hart punched him?  Was there real heat with Savio Vega and the Undertakers clique?  Should Ric Flair still be in the ring today and what happened in WCW behind the scenes with Flair and Nash and Piper.

There are tons of backstage stories on WWE, WCW and TNA as well.  


Read anything good on Twitter lately
So what inspired you twitter post
Did you technically quit on Twitter or had you and TNA already agreed to part ways
Why do you think you were accused of going into business for yourself in September
How do you guys feel about Twitter
Why do you guys think that ratings and ppv numbers have gone down since Hogan and Bischoff got involved with TNA
Which young guys in the WWE do you think can be superstars either now or down the line
Why do you think ppv is declining overall for pro wrestling
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Dixie gets criticized a lot on the Internet, do you think that some people are too hard or is it well deserved
Does she get it
Who do you think is stealing her money in TNA
You guys were both critical of Ric Flair in WCW, he is still wrestling well in his 50s. What are your thoughts on Ric now?
Could an NWO like angle work today
Thoughts on when people compared the Nexus angle to the NWO
Thoughts on the recent news of a startup company in Florida
What do you think is missing from wrestling today
The NWO were “cool” and appealed to teenagers. Do you think anything in wrestling appeals to teenagers today?
How is Scott Hall doing?
Thoughts on Bret Hart coming back to the WWE
Thoughts on Bret and Shawn patching things up in the ring
Do you think Shawn will ever come back
Kevin, what is missing from today’s big men in wrestling that doesn’t make them stand out like you did.
What do you guys think about all of the ECW revivals
Thoughts on all of the rumors about Paul Heyman coming to TNA
Do you think he could turn it around
Paul said in an interview that anyone over 40 would be in trouble if he came to TNA. Thoughts?
Is there anyone in particular you guys like to watch today?
Thoughts on Linda’s campaign and all of the bad press she is getting for wrestler deaths
Thoughts on all of the wrestler deaths
Which ones hit you guys the hardest
Do you believe the rumors about Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon
Have either of you guys ever been in a shoot in the middle of a match
What would you guys do if you were booking TNA
What would you guys do if you were booking WWE
TWho is the biggest mark for him or herself in wrestling
Randy Orton
Kofi Kingston
JThoughts on Jim Cornette threatening Vince Russo and how that went down
Should there be drug testing in wrestling


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