Axl Rotten Tells All | Infamous Shoot Interview

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FULL 1 Hour 46 Min. RIP Axl Rotten. Some really amazing ECW & WWE stories that most wrestling fans haven’t heard before.
Axl was a good friend and very instrumental to the early years of Title Match Wrestling. We owe him a lot, therefore we are no longer selling this title. From now on all Axl Rotten fans can watch this interview free of charge right here on the Title Match YT channel.

Please note, Axl was admittedly not sober when this shoot was conducted. It was shot late 2009. When we spoke with Brian in mid-2015, he said he wanted his fans to know he was sorry and that it wasn’t the real him. Ultimately he was still happy with the stories that were included on this DVD.

To see the real Brian Knighton (100% clean and sober) watch our Axl Rotten Documentary entitled
Extreme Injuries, Hardcore Recovery:
This doc was produced days after his interview on Talk is Jericho, and just months before he tragically passed away in Baltimore.

We love you brother. ECW forever!

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