Balls Mahoney Shoot Interview – ECW, Drugs, New Jack, RVD, Axl Rotten, Abby, Hacksaw (2003)

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Full 1 Hour 49 Min. RIP Balls Mahoney. Rare shoot from one of the wildest, most unique ecw wrestlers of all-time! You can still hear the crowd as they chant BALLS! BALLS! BALLS! after each and every punch. Balls Mahoney lived his gimmick everyday and loved his fans as much as he loved his family. We’re all gonna miss you Balls. Now the original hardcore chair-swinging freaks will finally be reunited. Say hello to Chris, Axl and all the boys we’ve lost. RIP Balls.

*Title Match Media did not conduct this interview but we do own the rights to it. We are releasing this for free so all of Balls Mahoney’s fans can remember him.*

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