Bam Bam Bigelow Shoot Interview: 3 Hours

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Here it is – The complete Bam Bam Bigelow Shoot Interview! This is without a doubt our most requested shoot interview of all time. The late-great Bam Bam Bieglow covers everything in this one; from Paul Heyman booking his first appearance, to wrestling Andre the Giant in the WWF, becoming a huge star over in Japan, thoughts on the NWA, the Clique behind the scenes, Vince McMahon, the downfall of WCW and so much more.

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Chapter Listing:

Memories of Larry Sharpe 04:47
Bam Bam Debut Match 06:18
Jerry Lawler 12:22
Bill Dundee 12:56
Austin Idol 13:15
Von Erichs 15:30
Freedbirds 17:05
Steve Simpson 17:56
Bruiser Brody as a Booker/Wrestler 18:28
Sean Michaels in the beginning 19:25
Tony Atlas 20:08
Famous Arenas 21:51
Problems with Vader 27:43
Dr Death Steve Williams 30:48
Bam Bam starts in WWF 31:37
Sir Oliver Humperdink 35:48
Wrestling Andre the Giant at Survivor Series 37:08
Bam Bam’s First Big Push 38:49
Teaming with Hulk Hogan 39:47
Bam Bam was supposed to be WWF Champ 40:58
Issues wrestling in Japan 43:55
Go to Japan 45:29
Working in All-Japan w/ Dr Death & Terry Gordy 46:50
Masahiro Chono’s Debut Match 49:14
Issues with UWA in Mexico 52:15
Starting in the NWA 57:08
History with Paul Heyman & ECW Stories: 
RVD/Taz/Chris Candido 59:25
Working Starrcade 1988 w/ Barry Windham 1:00:31
Kendall Windham & Blackjack Mulligan 1:02:01
Dusty Rhodes 1:02:45
Ric Flair 1:02:51
Lex Luger 1:04:22
Kevin Sullivan 1:04:48
Jim Cornette 1:05:18
Tri-State Wrestling Memories 1:06:05
Cactus Jack & Eddie Gilbert 1:07:17
Herb Adams 1:08:40
Abdullah the Butcher 1:10:36
Starrcade 1991 Problems on Show & Backstage 1:12:20
Return to the WWF 1:19:50
Pairing/Memories of Luna Vachon 1:20:50
Wrestling Bret Hart King of the Ring 1993 1:22:29
Teaming with IRS — Not winning WWF Tag Belts as Planned 1:26:15
Problems with the Clique: Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall 1:27:10
Wrestling the Doinks 1:37:00 
Shane Douglas & Chris Candido 1:43:55
Vince McMahon and Breaking Kayfabe 1:55:43
Insanity in ECW/Guys killing each other 2:00:19
Thoughts on Taz 2:16:07
RVD and the TV Title 2:19:40
Working FMW 2:22:30
Sandman and Raven/Hardcore Matches in WCW 2:26:47
Tagging w/ Chris Candido 2:29:09
Ambulance Match w/ Mike Awesome 2:35:56
Booker T Not Being Used Right 2:42:18
Bam Bam Bigelow saves small children in fire 2:42:38

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