Booker T’s ROW Raising Money for Louisiana Flood Victims

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Booker T and his promotion Reality of Wrestling have set up a GoFundMe page dedicated to helping the victims of the Louisiana floods. Please consider donating what you can.

From the video description:

An estimated 7 trillion gallons of rain has devastated much of Louisiana in just one week’s time and forecasts show more rain is on the way.

More than 40,000 homes have been damaged and 8,400 residents are now living in shelters.

More than 30,000 residents have been rescued from floodwaters, while 13 residents have lost their lives.

Our neighbors are in need and Reality of Wrestling wants to lend a helping hand.

Please donate at

Donations Rewards:
$10 (or more) will receive an autographed Booker T trading card!
$50 donation = video message from Booker T
$100 donation or more = phone call from Booker T

Everyone who donates any amount will be sent personalized pictures from the people you helped.

Title Match recently learned wrestling legend One Man Gang was also affected badly by the floods which destroyed most of his family’s home.

omg floods

From the One Man Gang GoFundMe page:

Hi, i’m The One Man Gang aka Akeem aka George Gray. Recently, as many of you know, The Great Flood of ’16 came and smashed into Southern Louisiana where our family home for 25 years in Central, LA received 4′ of water inside it. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to do a 747 Splash and send that water back up the street crying for its momma. Thankfully though our son was house sitting while I was in Georgia doing a meet n greet signing & was able to save all 8 cats, 2 dogs & a lizard. However almost everything my wife & I ever owned was ruined. All the beds, couches, appliances, electronics, clothes, basically everything in the entire house was destroyed while submerged for 3 days. A lifetime of wrestling memorabilia, wrestling videos & family albums were among the most irreplaceable. Like most in our area FEMA had declared our neighborhood a no flood zone and like most we didn’t have flood insurance. Our home insurance said they cover zero zip nada of the damages. Any help you can give to get us back on our feet & our home livable again would be most appreciated. Thanks for your support.

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