D’Lo Brown Shoots on the Droz Neck Injury (Darren Drozdov)

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D’Lo Brown opens up about the life-changing injury of Droz (Darren Drozdov). How in an instant, one single move could alter the course of two very promising careers.¬†We apologize for the unforgivable clicking at the beginning of the clip – we did not originally shoot this footage. The rest of the interview is pretty great as well. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE COMPLETE 2-HOUR D’LO BROWN SHOOT.

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  1. Beyzanur says:

    Brandon, listen to this idea and tell me what you think. Shameus (Ireland) and Ryan (Wales) are adearly good guys. Have Drew McIntyre (Scotland) turn too, and they can be a British Isles superfriends group who run around having lovely Gaelic adventures together. Also, they show up on Smackdown once a month to beat up Wade Barrett for shits and giggles.Anyways, good job on the recap; looking forward to BaWoR.

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