EXCLUSIVE Damien Sandow’s Downfall w/ Dr. Tom Prichard

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What’s happened to Damien Sandow lately? Who better to weigh in than former WWE head trainer/wrestling legend Dr Tom Prichard! Title Match Wrestling caught up with Dr Tom right before his match in Gaffney, South Carolina this past weekend. In case you didn’t know Dr. Tom is responsible for training just about every major star in the business from The Rock to the Shield!

See The un-cut interview plus the Dr Tom Prichard & Wildfire Tommy Rich vs The Rock n Roll Express match on the latest Trans-South Wrestling release at TitleMatchWrestling.com.

Special thanks to Dr. Tom, Promoter Derik Vanderford and the fine camera work of Aaron Smeltzer.

Check out the next Trans-South Wrestling event August 9th featuring Davey Richards, Tessa Blanchard, Ricky Morton vs The Stro & more!

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