Harlem Heat’s Final Match (Complete) Digital Download

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Harlem Heat fans – your prayers have been answered! For the 1st time in more than 15 years, Booker T and Stevie Ray teamed up to battle one more time. Their opposition? None other than the New Heavenly Bodies. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter took place earlier this year at the Pasadena Convention Center for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling

As of now, only the fans who attended the LIVE Reality of Wrestling event were able to see it. Now, you can witness Harlem Heat’s triumphant return in it’s entirety! Simply click the “Download Now” button above and then press “Checkout”. The download link will be sent to you instantaneously after purchase. It’s really that simple. Remember, this is the FINAL time Booker T & Stevie Ray will enter the ring together as a tag-team. We here at Title Match are honored to bring you the monumental main event from FINAL HEAT!


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