Jake “The Snake” Full Shoot: Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts buries Bill Watts, reveals why the Hogan feud ended so fast and tells the greatest Rick Rude story ever! Also, hear why Jake believes Vince McMahon killed the wrestling business! Only Title Match Media was on hand to capture this historic interview and we are releasing it right here for you – free!

Joined by WCW star The Maestro & host Jerry Stephanitsis, Jake “The Snake” Roberts holds nothing back in this amazing R-rated q&a session.

Chapter Selection:
00:12 Jake “The Snake” explains troubling childhood with father, Grizzly Smith
05:25 How The Stro got involved in the wrestling business
08:48 Why Jake isn’t in NXT Wrestling, training schools
11:30 Jake compares credibility in the ring to sex with a midget
14:22 Jake explains how “Vince McMahon killed wrestling”
16:04 The Stro talks emotion and believability in the ring
17:08 Jake breaks down the grueling road schedule in 1980s WWF
18:15 Jake “It doesn’t take a great wrestler to jump off a 20 foot cage…”
19:10 Jake remembers when Mick Foley tore his ear off
20:18 Jake talks guys getting hurt in the ring and “receipts”
21:11 Jake tells the greatest “Ravishing” Rick Rude story ever
26:26 The Stro wrestles The Cat w/ James Brown on WCW PPV, Eric Bischoff
30:08 Jake is not a fan of Bill Watts…the problems in WCW Wrestling (1992)
32:35 The Stro – Jim Cornette, Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler, Bobby Eaton
34:31 Jake’s feud against Hulk Hogan gets axed in the 1980s
36:00 Jake transitions from main event to prepping the heels for Hogan
38:25 How DDP saved Jake & Scott Hall, Resurrection of Jake the Snake

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Also, big thanks to Jerry Stephanitsis and VCW Wrestling in Norfolk, VA – Upcoming events: www.VCW-Wrestling.com

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