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Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview

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Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Mins

Jerry Lynn is a now 25-year veteran of pro wrestling, having competed for every major organization including WWE, WCW, TNA and Global. He is a Former ECW World Champion, Former TNA X-Division Champion, Former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, Journeyman Wrestler and Crusierweight Legend.

This awesome shoot was conducted in 2003. When you think about someone being ahead of their time, a lot of people think Jerry Lynn. Find out what it was like starting off with Sean Waltman (Lightning Kid, X-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid).

Lynn talks about what it’s like to get severely injured during a match, wrestling guys like AJ Styles, working in Global, USWA, Japan.

Lots of really cool stories in this one! From the backstabbing to the backstage partying, it’s all talked about on this shoot!

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