Kevin Nash & X-Pac Full Shoot | NWO Angle in WWE, Smoking Weed, ECW Overrated?, Nexus Invasion

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Runtime: 2 hrs 45 min. Kevin Nash & X-Pac do not hold back. Subscribe ▸ We talk working the Rock in WWE, The Kilq, Paul Heyman’s ECW being overrated, why no one in the Nexus is recognizable (Wade Barrett’s original NXT group), Hulk Hogan being the toughest guy ever, the Montreal Screwjob possibly being a work, politics in WCW, dealing with Dixie Carter and TNA losing so much money, Triple H & plenty more. It’s dangerous, it’s emotional, it’s just too sweeeeet! Originally released in 2010…now for the first time you can watch it here for FREE! Binge on 1000s of hours of original wrestling clips just like this…Subscribe ▸

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Chapter Selection:
00:07 Kevin Nash quit TNA?
01:31 Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy…great but not main eventers?
05:19 TNA not getting any of their investment back
06:03 TNA numbers dropping after Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff got involved
08:37 How Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson used to book WWE shows before all the writers
09:51 Is Dixie Carter just way too nice?
13:59 Hulk Hogan is tough as hell
16:55 Hulk Hogan stealing 2 Wrestlemania’s back to back…vs The Rock & Vince McMahon
17:22 Working with The Rock during the NWO return in 2002
19:19 What cost Jean-Pierre LaFitte his entire career
21:00 “The Pope” Elijah Burke, Motorcity Machine Guns
23:02 The NWO stint and X-Pac getting let go in WCW, going back to Vince
27:03 Nexus angle (the infamous NXT invasion into WWE) – this is pretty awesome
28:28 Could the NWO or DX work again?
28:41 Paul Heyman and ECW…good lord
33:00 Bret Hart’s quote on ECW, Mick Foley and more
35:41 Eric Young released from TNA?
41:00 Bret Hart and the Montreal Screwjob possibly being a work
45:25 Shawn Michaels and Triple H
48:38 The lack of monster heel in the business
51:12 Wade Barrett being 6’7 but not working like a big guy
54:30 Sheamus having bad character development
56:10 How WWE developed old school angles
58:30 Kevin Nash starting as Oz w/ Kevin Sullivan as manager in WCW
01:00:00 Kevin Sullivan’s booking strategies
01:10:00 Shawn Michaels making Kevin Nash in WWF
01:16:26 NWO mockery of the Four Horsemen, Ric Flair the greatest ever?
01:17:21 Slamboree 1997 match in Charlotte
01:23:26 Jim Cornette
01:26:30 So much respect for Booker T
01:27:48 Who is the biggest mark in the business?
01:31:30 Rick Rude was a real bad ass
01:35:29 Operations and injuries
01:38:00 Marijuana talk
01:40:59 The Sean Waltman suicide story in Mexico…very emotional stuff

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