Promoter Allegedly Stiffs Major Names at Indy Convention

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Several wrestling stars who were advertised for the loaded Legends Fest card in Dudley, GA Saturday night have taken to social media, claiming the promoter stiffed them on their pay.

Former WWE/GFW star The Patriot was on hand for the event and was one of the first to alert fans what allegedly went down.

Del Wilkes twitter
One vendor drove home after hearing about what was happening at the show. He shared this message on facebook:

“Finally made it home after 639 miles and little over 12 hours from Georgia!!!
Spoke with Tully Blanchard again, said he will have 3 days tied up in this trip with nothing to show for it 🙁
Barry Windham drove all the way from Clearwater Florida and driving back now
Not to mention everyone else involved, with nothing to show for it”

The poster below is how the event was originally advertised.

Legends Fest

Video has just surfaced of Paul Orndorff confronting the alleged promoter around 2:30am Saturday night.

Eric Wayne Mallorie Bradley Francisco Ciatso
promoter saga continues at 2:30AM while he tries to explain what exactly his plan for all of this fiasco was

Posted by Stormie Lee Slone on Sunday, August 14, 2016

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  1. Herb Simmons says:

    This guy is a piece of crap. He called me to get a few of the legends numbers. I hope this information gets out on him and his days of wanting to be a big shot promoter is over. To the people I gave this ass your contact I’m truly sorry. I hope you don’t hold it against the few promoters that respect each of you. For 40 plus years I have always honored an agreement.

  2. Chad says:

    I’m a vendor and was asked to come in to this show because I do shows and any conventions all over the country, even though I wanted to go I’m too far away but I’m glad I didn’t go seeing all this drama. All this gets resolved in all the people that worked the show got what they have coming to them

  3. Robert Igoe says:

    This stinks. I’m trying to get off the ground with a pro wrestling based anti-bullying program and if I could get one tenth of these wrestlers to allow me to use their name and image, I’d be thrilled and I’d treat them with complete respect and work with them honestly and honorably. Not like this jerk. I hope they sue him back to the stone age.

  4. ryan brown says:

    when we got there he said the guy on the way with yalls vip passes neaver seen them and he said cell is dead
    but thinks to all stars for fun day

  5. Chris Adams says:

    Wow……I have been fortunate to have a number of legends come on my podcast & talk to us & they didnt ask for anything including Mr. Herb Simmons up above and to hear that someone would invite people of the likes of The 4 Horsemen, Ronnie Garvin, Paul Orndorff, Del Wilkes, Ricky Steamboat & numerous other legends and stiff them after they dedicated their time to drive there & talk with the fans is very bothersome. You sir had people show up that I dream of having on my show and you treated them badly. Unbelievable…..They are owed money & I hope they get it & you get jail time for bad checks. And maybe, just maybe you will get a cpl of prison wrestling matches of your own if you know what I mean. Don’t drop the soap!

  6. S.L. says:

    Just so much disrespect. He bit off way more than he could chew. I wonder what’s happened since…

  7. Mark Byrn says:

    It’s like elder abuse but the promoter probably thought all these “legends” would draw a big crowd. Of course that would be impossible with those “legends” and the promoter didn’t have the money to cover the blunder. Next time, the “legends” should keep their ego in check and make sure the promoter has deep pockets to cover the guaranteed loss.

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